Saturday, December 12, 2009

116am here....617am msia

i woke up at 4pm today..this is how i look like..HELLOOOO..MESSY I KNOW! did woke me up in between which is fine by me...everything is fine with me now because im actually over anxious to go home till i just went numb at almost everything...they just have to leave me alone and i;ll be with the nagging with the issue of going home for the day :)

well...since i'm decided to keep this little diary for years now..might as well i keep updating it..let me tell u guys a secret...shhh! i think my co. did forget that im exist because i haven;t been flying for a few days now...yeap...keep it going ...wohoo...*slap my mouth*..i am sorry...*touchwood*

Let me think what kind of stuffs that im going to talk about today..ooyah..starting with my day
i had of my colleague left the company earlier this month..not left i mean "chau lou" overnight and everyone was looking for her in that morning....did caused a bit of chaos..but its ok..not my problem anyway...see i ran out of my topic again...ergh!!! ok i had milo that she had left..lots lots of better not waste it...i havent been drinking it for a while now..maybe a few years but now im kind of hooked to it...MILO remind me of childhood and most of my close friends knew that i don't really fond of mine...but anyhoo i still like it..i mean the MILO

I havent been taking care of my health since i started flying career almost 4 years ago....ergh!!! still young i guess..I didnt take care of it and i actually ruined it..but now i'm into into my health..i don't want to look like 35 when i'm only 25 years old..because i dont want to be in UNWANTED i started to take some supplements(some when i wake up,some after meal and some before i go to bed) to keep myself as healthy as possible...have you guys heard of NATURAL HEALTH FARM(NHF).. I've been taking it for 3 months far no complain.My pain in the butt headache and migraine havent been visiting me for a while now which im glad because i do not want that kind friends....those bottles in the pic above are part of my daily supplements..the others i will try to put in another post..Probably because i did get rid of my coffee and soft drinks habit for almost 5 months now...

YIKES! good news for the salary is out today...hehe...THE perk of doing this overtime is that i can actually bring either my LV or CHANEL shoe and party little bag home with me soon...a gift for my hardwork la ching yi..cehhh!!! I havent decide on buying sandals,ballet flat or even maybe a pair of sexy high heels for partyyyyyyyyyy which i vowed to myself that i will party to the maximum when i am still young :)..catch up with the lost times...and i will also wear whatever revealing clothing that i will never wear last time..wear it when im still young now rite...not that i have much to reveal

samba= citibank..weird i know...but they are not connected or link...It means if u loan SR1000000 here and you ran away and you open another citibank account in malaysia...they wouldn't be able to trace you down....But of course i wont do that lo because i am a serious believer in KARMA...I always believe there is someone up there watching us..ergh!

i mentioned in my post yesterday fridge was officially empty yesterday so luckily saeed(our co.driver) is free around 7pm to drive both of us for some grocery shopping...end up paying almost RM200..haih..but its ok la..theres the only thing that i spend on when im working here except for phone card...well,i've decided to apply for a credit card when i go back to msia this time ...STRICTLY FOR SKYPE!..because i've been calling home often and i need to start to call in a cheaper way now..30 minutes call from here to home will cost be around RM100 each time..
getting too expensive and i rather save those money for charity..ehh this is how i looked like before i went out just now...quite messy but anyhoo we are wearing abaya so its ok.. :)

Another luxury that u will get to enjoy if you are working in middle east is that you dont have to carry your own heavy grocery..someone will carry it for as long as you give them some tips in the end :) This is my guy...He always helped me with my water and also my groceries...Its a win win situation because he knew that I am a tipper...

I was craving for some spicy fried chix today so we decided to stop by in AL BAIK . Its really famous here and its always busy.I was trying to take this pic and i was stopped by the guard .He said "NO PICTURE" and i say sorry..ok...but hehe...i took it d..The business in this place is really good and its really cheap..RM12 for 4 pieces of chicken and some french fries and a bun. not sure about the price of KFC in malaysia right now because KFC is never on my top craving lists when im in malaysia.

The newest book that im into now is who's that girl by ALEXANDRA POTTER..herm!an english author...Its about a girl who is 30 years old with everything that she wanted but feel lost in her life...until she could go back 10 years and meet her younger self...I'm not really into complicated books because i always think that we read to relax our mind not to stress our poor little brain more...but im really into Dalai Lama teachings at the moment...Cant wait to go back and stack up my room with his teachings ...lolS...i need to be in the ZEN zone when im working here... :P

bye from me now...239pm...739am msia

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