Friday, December 11, 2009

me talking to myself and u guys 1 first one in this blog..cuz im a bad blogger i realized and also a lazy one...theres so much i would like to share with u guys but i was like thinking "should i actually write all my feelings down cuz not everyone is going to understand me....but hey its my blog anyway...i write whatever i wanted...i might not be seriously funny like some other bloggers but its ok....

i am very bad at remembering my password too...thats why i couldnt log in to my old blog..and i dont wanna waste time looking for the password i created a new one..

its 140am now...i woke up around 12am after having a nap.fell asleep actually..i was suppose to read a book..and i look like this in my jammy..u don't get to wear anything else when u r working here..sorry a bit messy with my headband and with no makeup whatsover on my face and i havent even shower yet cuz i usually do it after my running session

its been 16 days now since i got delayed..I'm suppose to in Malaysia now enjoying myself with my family and frens..well..what can i say..working in this company all you can do is do whatever they ask u i still look normal or do i look I'm completely psycho out???

its 144am now...i was watching csi new york..and now kinda waiting to watch csi now..hehe..they are my world here
hopefully im not flying tomorrow. I've been having off for a few days now..couldn't face the world so im in my room all the time..i actually hope that they will even forget that i'm exist until they decided its time for me to go home...ok here i am nagging about going home...but i seriously needs some grocery shopping tomorrow cuz my fridge is practically empty now..only a few apples and some puddings meat and veggie whatsoever and im desperate for some green

this is my fav snacks when im in trying to cut down all those junks cuz officially over weight now since my last visit back to trying to cut lose some weight but unfortunately i still love desserts especially cheese cake..*sigh*
this is actually an energy bar cuz it contains all whole grains and its actually the official energy bar for PGA tour.
the other one that i like is ALPEN LIGHT and its only around 70 cal per bar which is great to curb my sweet cravings

i also love my puddings..i always make sure i stack my fridge with this..80% of milk..i like cookies and vanilla flavour..thats what u do when u r working overseas..u have to adjust to whatever its available here..if u r giving me all this in malaysia,ergh..i dont think so i;ll have the appetite to eat those...doesnt look appetizing to me at all...

i always have a glass of OJ diluted with water cuz juices actually full of sugar.i also have some cranberry light in my fridge too..i dont have the energy to actually make fresh juices for myself since they actually have limited vege here and its quite no point really..and i know myself and its all about my laziness..

the little orangie thingy next to my glass is something cool that i bought from Danube(supermarket) clean my keyboard cuz it can be quite dusty here....way to go their cute creations..i wish i can go for a vacation in japan..but herm! again couldnt really plan my vacation when im working with this co.

ok... its 305 am alternating between writing my blog and watching kyle XY....i dont know even know whats that drama all about cuz im actually running out of drama to watch.. but hey the actor is yeah..i dont mind
i know i need to go for a run soon..cuz theres the only beneficial thing i can do for myself all day or should i say when im in jeddah??and i need to lose some weight so KIN WAH will not say that im fat anymore to myself and u guys again soon.... :)

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